Ron Cogan [Outspoken]


Documenting 25 Years of Green Cars

I was changed by the 1990 introduction of the GM Impact electric car prototype at the Los Angeles Auto Show, then again by the amazing array of electric, hydrogen, and ‘green’ vehicles I witnessed at the 1991 Tokyo Motor Show. I knew that ‘green’ cars would be important. So, for 25 years now, this has been my … [Read More...]


Audi TechDay Leichtbau

International Symposium on Sustainability

Coinciding with the release of symposium co-sponsor Alcantara’s fifth annual Sustainability Report, the International Symposium on … [Read More...]



VW Golf: Electric, Gas, Diesel Power

VW’s new Golf offers something for everyone with new 2.0-liter TDI clean diesel, efficient gasoline, and all-electric drive. … [Read More...]

Industry Perspective

Brian Olson

Matt Horton

About a year ago, I gathered all our employ-ees for a meeting and proceeded to make one ...  [Read More...] For most Americans, our transportation choices are limited to the fuels offered at the local gas station...  [Read More...]



Automated Cars: Our Driving Future?

Just about every major automaker is developing automated vehicle technology. Experts predict we’ll see the first highly automated … [Read More...]


2011 Chevrolet Volt Battery Animation

Primer: The Benefits of Plug-In Hybrids

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) combine the functionality of a gasoline-electric hybrid with the zero-emission capabilities … [Read More...]

Environment / Science Perspective

Therese Langer

Matt Petersen

Safety has long been a hot topic in debates over increasing fuel efficiency, but this is less so ...  [Read More...] Location-efficient affordable housing is key to sustainability. Kalos, the Greek word for beautiful ...  [Read More...]

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Roland Hwang

Dr. Alan Lloyd

What does Silicon Valley, California have in coming with Leipzig, German? They are both home to the ...  [Read More...] It is an exciting time to be involved with the auto industry, or to be in the market for a new car. ...  [Read More...]
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