Ron Cogan [Outspoken]


Facing Up to the Electric Car Challenge

Electric drive vehicles of all types are increasingly in the news, often led by a near-nonstop focus on Tesla and its Model S, Model X, and planned Model E battery electric vehicles. People want electric cars. Some feel they need them, or more accurately, that we all need them. It has been so for quite some time. I was … [Read More...]



Long-Awaited Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid

Subaru is somewhat late to the game when it comes to hybrids, with its first entry – the XV Crosstrek Hybrid – making its … [Read More...]



Hyundai: Hydrogen Driving at Hand

Many believe that the ultimate goal for electric transportation is the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV), with battery electric … [Read More...]

Industry Perspective

Brian Olson

Matt Horton

About a year ago, I gathered all our employ-ees for a meeting and proceeded to make one ...  [Read More...] For most Americans, our transportation choices are limited to the fuels offered at the local gas station...  [Read More...]



Audi Laserlight Showcases High Tech

Illuminating the road ahead is a crucial element in driving. It’s also one that has long benefitted from technological innovation. … [Read More...]



Advanced Materials Key to Future Cars

Race car designers go to extreme measures to make competition vehicles as light as possible. Lighter is faster. It’s simple … [Read More...]

Environment / Science Perspective

Therese Langer

Matt Petersen

Safety has long been a hot topic in debates over increasing fuel efficiency, but this is less so ...  [Read More...] Location-efficient affordable housing is key to sustainability. Kalos, the Greek word for beautiful ...  [Read More...]

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Roland Hwang

Jesse Prentice-Dunn

What does Silicon Valley, California have in coming with Leipzig, German? They are both home to the ...  [Read More...] The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing ‘Tier 3’ cleaner tailpipe standards that will ...  [Read More...]
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