Ron Cogan [Outspoken]


Betting on a Well-Connected Future

When it comes to chips, automakers are all-in. That is, the silicon variety and not those with which you can gamble away a fortune, something auto companies are loathe to do. Traditionally, the risks auto manufacturers undertake are carefully calculated and always rooted in the world of profit and market share. As they … [Read More...]



Toyota RAV4 Hybrid the Real Deal

The Toyota RAV4 that emerged an all-new generation SUV in 2013 features a stylish refresh this year with a bolder front fascia, … [Read More...]

Intelligent Transportation


NVIDIA Helps Cars Learn to Drive

As the auto industry rushes headlong into autonomous vehicles and technologies there are some important learning curves … [Read More...]



Honda HR-V an Exceptional, Efficient CUV

Positioned below the Honda CR-V in size and price, Honda’s new HR-V compact crossover aims to attract buyers with its coupe-like … [Read More...]

Commercial Vehicles

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris

Mercedes-Benz Midsize Metris

The new-for-the-U.S. midsize Mercedes-Benz Metris aims at filling business needs requiring something a bit smaller than the … [Read More...]

Plug-In Vehicles


Audi’s ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of Plug-Ins

When Audi introduced its all-new A3 generation in the U.S. in 2014, only the sedan was offered with the promise that the popular … [Read More...]



All-New Lexus RX 450h Delivers Big

The Lexus RX 450h is a completely revised model this year featuring slightly larger dimensions, updated styling, and the signature … [Read More...]

Todd Kaho [Directions]


A Future for Diesel Passenger Vehicles

Diesel haters seem to be overly anxious to pile-on and shout ‘death to diesels’ these days. It’s human nature to take offense … [Read More...]



Better Data Fuels Better Driving

Connected car technologies are transforming the automotive industry much like smart phone apps revolutionized the mobile phone … [Read More...]

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